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How do I Login to view Pricing ?

Our website is an online showroom, but we only sell to particular clients. Please call Associated Projects on 03 8787 3000 to set up an AP Online Webshop account. We will add you to the right group, so you can see the right products and get the right pricing. Login in details will then be provided so you can access the shop. Once you have logged in you have the option to change the password if required. 


I can't get a freight quote, or my freight quote is very high.

Online calculators (like our shop use) work very well for parcels and smaller items. A lot of our items are bulky and the freight cost will depend on how they are packed, the volume of the order, and how it is delivered to your store.

As a guide, any order up to a total weight of 250kg and where the largest item is 2.4m long will be sent with a courier. Once it gets over those sizes, we will need to quote freight for you. You can either put the order through, and we will requote and contact you for approval, or you can call us on 03 8787 3000 or email sales@associatedprojects.com.au


About Us

Associated Projects is a Commercial Construction company that provides services in Building and Construction, Project Management, Design, Fit out, Fixtures and Fittings. The company was founded in 1952 as a Metal Fabrication company for Shop Fittings and Fixtures. Associated Projects has gone from strength to strength and diversified into the many and varied areas of construction including fit out to make it the reputable company it is today with a wide and strong customer base.